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Having a mass of zero.


(General Physics) physics having no mass


(ˈmæs lɪs)

pertaining to an elementary particle, as a photon, having zero rest mass.
mass′less•ness, n.
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Release date- 13082019 - The article entitled 'Suppressed Auger scattering and tunable light emission of Landau-quantized massless Kane electrons' was published in 'Nature Photonics' magazine.
Neutrinos were long regarded as massless. A 50,000-ton water tank in the Super-Kamiokande, 1,000 metres below the earth, captured various types of particles.
In previous experiments at the ALS, Hasan's team had revealed the existence of a type of massless quasiparticles known as Weyl fermions, which had only been known to exist in theory for about 85 years.
Furthermore, mixing quantities such as, LOS, CDI, cumulative distribution of maximum shear stress and particle transfer distribution are calculated by injecting a set of massless particles.
Many of her mosses, she said, come as rescues from sites that are about to be disturbed by construction, or homeowners who want a massless yard or are about to replace a roof.
This warped spacetime terrain bends the paths that massless photons travel.
The idea revolves around neutrinos or the nearly massless particle that doesn't interact with other matter, but acts as its own antiparticle, holding the ability to produce matter as well as antimatter version of itself.
In the sequatial reading [12], we will demonstrate how this formulation of the Dirac equation can be used to explain how massless neutrinos can oscillate.
In the low energy effective action, usually string theory based-models are comprised of two massless scalar fields, the dilaton, and the axion (see, e.g., [1]).
Their topics include the zeta-regularized stress-energy vacuum expectation value in terms of integral kernels, total energy and forces on the boundary, a massless field between parallel hyperplanes, a massive field constrained by perpendicular hyperplanes, and a scalar field with a harmonic background potential.
This allows electrons in the bulk of the crystal to behave as though they were massless particles, effectively a bulk analogue of the atomically-thin material graphene.
According to [9], the <<Higgs>> mechanism for relativistic theories of the interaction of elementary particles is based on the idea that when a massless scalar particle <<contacts>> a massless carrier of interaction, a carrier particle with mass (some unknown massive boson) is born.