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Lansdale even composed a slogan for the candidate, 'Magsaysay is my guy'; Lansdale collaborated with future foreign minister Raul Manglapus to compose a campaign song, 'The Magsaysay Mambo.' Lansdale had a master disk sent to the United States where thousands of vinyl records were produced by the CIA and smuggled back to the Philippines.'
golden master disk is not only a component, it is probably the key part
This plug-in has been added to the Army Golden Master disk, the standard software load for Army desktops and servers.
(61) Microsoft ships "golden master" disks with the Windows Operating System on them to foreign original equipment manufactures (OEMs), and pursuant to a license, the OEMs from the master disk installs the operating system onto foreign-assembled computers.
Photographs and film denigrate with time but I always keep a master disk in my safe so it is available for them or future generations.
Richard Talbot of the Rotary Club and Cris Jerrams of Asda presented Bob, from Attleborough, with the master disk of the tracks he recorded in the studio.
About 10 years ago, the technology to create a CD-ROM initial copy, or "master disk," cost over $50,000.
The manufacture of read-only optical media involves a process whereby the binary bit stream of an information object (e.g., a book, software, or music) is replicated in the on and off modulations of a high-power laser beam that etches pits and lands on a glass master disk coated with a special photoresistant material.
Once a master disk is created, each copy of the disk costs approximately $1.50 to produce, making CD-ROM an extremely cost-effective way to distribute large amounts of information.
Installing CINDEX is easy since the master disk contains a file which will install the software automatically when install is typed at the a[is greater than] prompt.
Current law allows the owner to make a working copy of a master disk. Most companies producing disks realize such copies will be made; however, some may provide two copies of the disk -- one a master, one a working copy, particularly if they have supplied disks that cannot be copied.
Prepare all boot disks only from an original master disk that has been properly protected from contamination and

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