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Adj.1.Masterless - having no lord or mastermasterless - having no lord or master; "harsh punishments for sturdy vagabonds and masterless men"
uncontrolled - not being under control; out of control; "the greatest uncontrolled health problem is AIDS"; "uncontrolled growth"
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Masterless, penniless, and with my only means of livelihood, fighting, gone, I determined to work my way to the southwest and attempt to retrieve my fallen fortunes in a search for gold.
He goes down in the whirling heart of such a masterless commotion that he scarce heeds the moment when he drops seething into the yawning jaws awaiting him; and the whale shoots-to all his ivory teeth, like the Lord out of the fish's belly.
Nor was this the worst; for not the crew only, but, in many cases, captain and officers as well, would join in the stampede to the diggings; and we found Hobson's Bay the congested asylum of all manner of masterless and deserted vessels.
Bredin paid him his eighteen shillings with a grunt, and Paul walked out of the restaurant a masterless man.
If I were a masterless and stray dog, I know that you would not turn me from your hearth to-night: as it is, I really have no fear.
"Sir," said Trefusis, excited by the word, "I, as a Socialist, can tell you that starvation is now impossible, except where, as in England, masterless men are forcibly prevented from producing the food they need.
I will revisit my lost loves, and playmates masterless!
In process of time, thanks to his intimate knowledge of drill and musketry exercise, the excellent Mulcahy, wearing the corporal's stripe, went out in a troopship and joined Her Majesty's Royal Loyal Musketeers, commonly known as the "Mavericks," because they were masterless and unbranded cattle - sons of small farmers in County Clare, shoeless vagabonds of Kerry, herders of Ballyvegan, much wanted "moonlighters" from the bare rainy headlands of the south coast, officered by O'Mores, Bradys, Hills, Kilreas, and the like.
He explained to me, keeping his eyes straight in front of him, that he had met this dog (he called him awful names) walking alone, and was going to take him to the Fort to be killed for a masterless pariah.
Alleyne lost no time in following the directions of the wild, masterless man, whom he left among the trees where he had found him.
But the young wolves, the children of the disbanded Seeonee Pack, throve and increased, and when there were about forty of them, masterless, full-voiced, clean-footed five-year-olds, Akela told them that they ought to gather themselves together ahd follow the Law, and run under one head, as befitted the Free People.
The power of discipline and self-technology is not fixed, and it can even be called masterless. Each person participating in the program confirmed and consented to the idea that, "becoming an idol means attaining honor and success." Driven by this discourse, trainees view all the pain and frustration they suffer as a kind of wealth from which they are benefiting, and they thus enjoy it.