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1. The office, function, or authority of a master.
2. The skill or dexterity of a master.
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Noun1.mastership - the skill of a master
acquirement, skill, accomplishment, attainment, acquisition - an ability that has been acquired by training
2.mastership - the position of master
berth, billet, post, situation, position, office, place, spot - a job in an organization; "he occupied a post in the treasury"
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The knowledge of the master is to be able properly to employ his slaves, for the mastership of slaves is the employment, not the mere possession of them; not that this knowledge contains anything great or respectable; for what a slave ought to know how to do, that a master ought to know how to order; for which reason, those who have it in their power to be free from these low attentions, employ a steward for this business, and apply themselves either to public affairs or philosophy: the knowledge of procuring what is necessary for a family is different from that which belongs either to the master or the slave: and to do this justly must be either by war or hunting.
Further, it was fairly definite in Jerry's mind, after the devil devil doctor's tying him and flinging him amongst the other helpless dogs on the killing-ground, that all mastership of Agno had ceased.
She saw her darling gradually cease from being her son, she saw THAT detail perish utterly; all that was left was master--master, pure and simple, and it was not a gentle mastership, either.
Bumble, seeing at a glance, that the decisive moment had now arrived, and that a blow struck for the mastership on one side or other, must necessarily be final and conclusive, no sooner heard this allusion to the dead and gone, than she dropped into a chair, and with a loud scream that Mr.
Brother Jonas had gotten his job, and was pushing a truck in Durham's; and the killing gang at Brown's continued to work early and late, so that Jurgis grew more confident every hour, more certain of his mastership. It was the kind of thing the man of the family had to decide and carry through, he told himself.
``Alack,'' said the peasant, ``an it shall not displease your Reverence, the lesson comes too late for me, for I am but a maimed man; but I will tell my two brethren, who serve the rich Rabbi Nathan Ben Samuel, that your mastership says it is more lawful to rob him than to render him faithful service.''
When, after ten years of regular service, I was wrongfully dismissed from the Prefecture of the Nine Rivers and the Mastership of the Horse, in the bright autumn of the year I was sent away to Ko-pen Creek's mouth.
Now, upon how many heads had the presidency, the chancellorship, the mastership passed since Robert d'Estouteville had held the provostship of Paris.
He had a true British determination to push his way in the world,--as a schoolmaster, in the first place, for there were capital masterships of grammar-schools to be had, and Mr.
Long a standard of professional achievement, Fellowship and Mastership in one of America's premier health care organizations have been coveted levels of professional recognition.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- ystanbul Mayor Kadir TopbaE-, who has been elected to the mayoral post for two consecutive terms for the Justice and Development Party (AK Party), has announced his candidacy for a third term, which he called a "term of mastership."
Indeed, it did not surprise any of us that the first time he rode Mastership - a horse I manage and, by general consent, a less than straightforward conveyance - he coaxed the horse home to a first success in our colours in the Beeswing Stakes at Newcastle.