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1. (Classical Music) an English spelling of Meistersinger
2. (Poetry) an English spelling of Meistersinger


(ˈmaɪ stərˌsɪŋ ər, -ˌzɪŋ-)

n., pl. -sing•er, -sing•ers.
a member of any of the German guilds of workingmen established largely in the 15th and 16th centuries for the cultivation of poetry and music.
[1835–45; < German: master singer]
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Hans Sachs, a cobbler and the city's foremost Mastersinger, is a middle-aged widower, and as he has watched Eva Pogner, half his age, grow from a child to a beautiful young woman, he has thought that she might be meant for him, and she has thought that he might be her true love.
Wagner's Mastersinger HIPPODROME WELSH National Opera score a huge triumph with this new production of Wagner's Mastersinger.
Max Lorenz: Wagner's Mastersinger, Hitler's Siegfried
Whitton, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau Mastersinger (New York: Holmes & Meier Publishers, Inc.
The Prince of Wales is Patron of the company and had been looking forward very much to this ambitious new staging by Richard Jones, featuring a world-class cast headed by Wales' own mastersinger - none other than Bryn Terfel.
The nuanced inflection Heppner brings to the text and the range of emotions he conjures are the work of a mastersinger.
There is excellent footage of the orchestra playing under Erich Kleiber, Celibidache and Furtwangler, including a complete Mastersinger Overture from 1942.
Flying Dutchman, Mastersinger and Parsifal are represented by orchestral Preludes (and the Good Friday Music) and Tristan's Prelude is followed by the Liebestod sung by Anja Kampe, completing a satisfying disc.
3 Lessons and Carols at New Hope Presbyterian Church with Fort Myers Symphonic Mastersingers.