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v. mas·ti·cat·ed, mas·ti·cat·ing, mas·ti·cates
1. To chew (food).
2. To grind and knead (rubber, for example) into a pulp.
To chew food.

[Late Latin masticāre, masticāt-, to masticate, from Greek mastikhān, to grind the teeth.]

mas′ti·ca′tion n.
mas′ti·ca′tor n.
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The novelist always compares the masticators of his heroine to ivory; but I boldly pronounce the teeth of the Typee to be far more beautiful than ivory itself.
T4 is further divided into T4a for tumors extending into the deep soft tissue, cartilage, bone, or overlying skin, and T4b for extension of tumors into the central nervous system (brain, dura), skull base, lower cranial nerves (IX, X, XI, XII), prevertebral or masticator space, carotid artery, or mediastinal structures.
chewing and swallowing movements, smelling and tasting) and stimulation of the amygdala by repetitive oral and masticator movements are suggested to be triggers and underlying factors, because convulsions develop only after solid food intake, but not slurry or fluid feeding (3).
CT examination revealed soft tissue density completely filling the right external auditory canal, middle ear, and mastoid bone along with marked edema in the right masticator and buccal space (Figure 1).
A non-contrasted head CT (Figure 1) performed in the ED to evaluate for stroke incidentally noted a complex mass in the left masticator space with focal areas of low attenuation suggestive of fluid.
(5) reflected that this is possible because the activities of masticator muscles are associated to the dimensions of the facial skeleton.
Pork tissue (about 10g) in a sterile packaging was mixed with sterile peptone water (Britania[R] Argentina) until reaching 100g, and vigorously homogenized (Masticator, IUL Instruments) for 120s.
There have been few case reports of ESMC of the oropharynx, masticator space, infratemporal fossa, cerebellopontine angle, orbit, chin, nasal septum, nasal cavity, buccal space, and sphenoid sinus.
Masticator)--a piercing personal account of his disfigured maternal
Very small amounts of adipose tissue were evident in the buccal, masticator, para-pharyngeal, infrapatellar, and popliteal regions.
V3 never enters the cavernous sinus, but instead courses through foramen ovale to extend into the masticator space.
T: primary tumour N: regional lymph node M: distant metastasis T3: mucosal disease NX: regional lymph MO: no distant nodes that cannot be metastasis assessed T4a: moderately advanced NO: no regional M1: distant disease involving deep lymph node metastasis present soft tissues, bone, and metastasis overlying skin T4b: very advanced disease involving brain, N1: regional lymph dura, skull base, lower node metastasis cranial nerves (IX, X, present XI, and XII), masticator space, paravertebral space, or mediastinal structures Different clinical stages of oral mucosal melanoma Stage T N M Stage III T3 NO MO Stage IVa T4a NO MO or T3-T4a N1 MO Stage IVb T4 Any N MO Stage IVc Any T Any N M1