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Inflammation of a mammary gland or udder, usually caused by infection.

mas·tit′ic (-tĭt′ĭk) adj.


(Medicine) relating to mastitis
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Variation in the composition of selected milk fraction samples from healthy and mastitic quarters, and its significance for mastitis diagnosis.
This condition causes an increase in the sodium and chlorine concentrations in milk and reduces levels of potassium and lactose, thereby generating increased electrical conductivity so that an electric current will flow more easily through mastitic milk due to its high ionic content [39,40].
33) reported shotgun sequencing of 10 healthy and 10 mastitic breast milk samples, which revealed that microbial abundance in mastitis-infected mother was higher than that of the healthy lactating mother.
The subclinical form of mastitis has been reported by many workers which range from 60-70% of the total mastitic losses in advanced countries [4].
coli cultured from cattle that had suspected enteric or mastitic infections.
The inflammatory vasodilation and edematous congestion in the mastitic breast increased the likelihood of any blood-borne organism to travel to and become lodged in the area of previous breast infection.
Isolation and identification of staphylococcus aureus from bovine mastitic milk and their drug resistance patterns in adama town, ethiopia.
The present study was conducted on twelve mastitic goats which were presented with history of enlargement of gland and abnormal milk secretions.
post-milking antiseptic teat dipping, dry period antibiotic therapy, mastitis vaccination, segregation of mastitic animals etc.