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n. mastocitoma, acumulación de mastocitos con apariencia de un neoplasma.
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Canine mastocytoma: excess risk as related to ancestry.
Cutaneous mastocytosis is divided into 3 subcategories: mastocytoma of the skin (1-3 solitary skin lesions), maculopapular cutaneous mastocytosis, also known as urticaria pigmentosa (as seen in our patient; usually [greater than or equal to] 4 lesions); and diffuse cutaneous mastocytosis (confluent lesions; leathery appearance of skin).
When mast cells replicate in higher than normal numbers, an MCT (also known as a mastocytoma) can form.
Maladies studied included orthopedic diseases (hip dysplasia, cranial cruciate ligament tear), and cancer (lymphosarcoma, mastocytoma, and heman-giosarcoma).
The two common clinical presentations of childhood mastocytosis are solitary tan, yellow-tan, or brown plaques or nodules (mastocytoma) and variable numbers of tan to brown macules or papules as our case presented here.
odorifera species, methylene chloride and chloroform extracts exhibited inhibitory ability of [LTC.sub.4] production in AB-CXBG Mct-1 mastocytoma cells with [IC.sub.50] values of 0.52 (80%) and 3.0 [micro]g/ml, respectively, while two compounds 71 and 124 were obtained from chloroform extracts that displayed [LTC.sub.4] inhibitory activity with the [IC.sub.50s] values of 0.5 and 0.05 [micro]M [39].
Peng et al., "Antitumor T-cell responses contribute to the effects of dasatinib on c-KIT mutant murine mastocytoma and are potentiated by anti-OX40," Blood, vol.
The cytotoxic effect of essential oils was evaluated against P815 (Murine Mastocytoma, cell line), MCF7 (human breast adenocarcinoma), and VERO (kidney carcinoma cell line of monkey).
Single or multiple brown nodules are observed in solitary mastocytoma. If these nodules are exposed to any trauma including friction, they may lead to xing and systemic symptoms including hypotension.
This compound was first isolated from the lichen Lecanora hybocarpa, and it showed potent cytotoxicity against murine P815 mastocytoma cell line with [IC.sub.50] of 0.27 [micro]M (Ernst-Russell et al.