mastoid antrum

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mas·toid an·trum

n. antro mastoideo, cavidad que sirve de comunicación entre el hueso temporal, el oído medio y las células mastoideas.
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The tumor had progressed along the outside of the left carotid canal, and the mastoid antrum had a shadow suggestive of liquid effusion.
Temporal bone CT revealed significant reduction in airflow in the middle ear cavity, mastoid antrum and air cells.
[8,9,10] In our study, trans canal curetting of bone was employed in small mastoid antrum with effective exposure and drilling of bone after endaural extension in some cases with very pneumatised mastoids.
Surgical exploration identified a large tumor that involved the mastoid air cells from the mastoid antrum all the way up to the stylomastoid foramen.
It was detected that there was soft tissue in the mastoid antrum and middle ear, no ossicle was observed, and there was a bone defect in the left lateral semicircular canal.
A layer of lymphoid tissue located deep to the epithelium of the mucosa lining the mastoid antrum, tympanic cavity, and tympanic orifice of the eustachian tube acts as the site of origin of the primary lymphoma.
CSOM without cholesteatoma is indicated on CT when air cells appear opaque by soft tissue or fluid densities but maintain their normal trabecular pattern or whenever there is obliteration of mastoid antrum and periantral cells by increased reactive bone formation/sclerosis17.
Although there is no clear pathogenesis, inadequate lymphatic drainage mechanism resulting from lipid components of erythrocytes membrane, accumulation in a confined space and occurrence of cholesterol crystals may play a role.4 CG can be seen in various areas of the body - especially within the mastoid antrum and air cells within the temporal bone - and mainly associated with chronic middle ear diseases, however it is extremely rare in paranasal sinuses and almost 40 cases of maxillary sinus CG have been reported.5,6 We present two cases of CG which existed within maxillary sinus.
Data was obtained from hospital records regarding presence or absence of a patent mastoid antrum, the state of middle ear mucosa, whether it was healthy or unhealthy and histopathology reports regarding evaluation of pathology of tympanic sclerosis, along with other clinical details.
Also, patients having all 3-ossicle involvements were subject to huge extension of cholesteatoma into tympanic cavity, attic, and mastoid antrum.
The mastoid air cell system represents a more or less extensive system of interconnecting air filled cavities arising from the walls of the mastoid antrum and walls of the middle ear.
To our knowledge, only 44 cases have been reported since 1964, 12 of which were reported in the last 10 years, (1-7) Cholesterol granuloma is seen associated with chronic middle ear disease, most frequently in the mastoid antrum and air cells of the temporal bone.