mastoid cells

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mas·toid cells

n., pl. células mastoideas, bolsas de aire en la prominencia mastoidea del hueso temporal.
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The prognostic factors were patient age (<60/[greater than or equal to]60 years), staging (I-IV), S1 involvement, S2 involvement, T involvement, M involvement, development of mastoid cells (MC0-1/MC2-3), pathological status of the stapes (S0/S1), surgical procedure (CWU/CWD), malleus handle (present/absent), chorda tympani nerve (present/absent), and middle ear mucosa (normal/diseased).
The technique chosen is generally based on the extent of the disease and the surgeon's preference, and it ranges from canalplasty with skin grafting for lesions confined to E AC, to canalplasty or canal-wall-up mastoidectomy with reconstruction of canal defects for lesions involving mastoid cells, to canal-wall-down mastoidectomy for lesions with large wall defects exhibiting mastoid erosion.
The computed tomography scan indicated normal middle and inner ear structures with well pneumatized mastoid cells in both ears preoperatively (Figure 1a).
Temporal computed tomography (CT) scans revealed a diffuse aeration loss in the middle ear and mastoid cells and a soft tissue mass arising from the middle ear that extended to external ear canal (Figure 1).