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Noun1.Match game - an international championship matchmatch game - an international championship match
match - a formal contest in which two or more persons or teams compete
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The two met for the finals after defeating their rivals in the two match games held earlier.
The Syrian football team al-Karama drew 2-2 with the Omani al-Ourouba in a match game held at Khalid Ibn al-Walid Stadium in Homs, Central Syria.
Match game will kick off at 22.05 hours (Turkish local time) and take place at the Valeriy Lobanovskiy Stadium.
The acquisition is expected to provide the VODONE Group with immediate access to a significant pool of single match game and football lottery fans in China.
Riley, general manager of Professional Match Game Officials, believes the example of Webb and his assistants proves what can be achieved with the right application.
Shoppers collect and match game pieces to win prizes.
This recurring Los Angeles happening reimagines the '70s TV game show Match Game with full-camp press and excellent sub-lebrity impersonations.
HERE'S a chance for you to win up to pounds 5,000 in our fabulous new CASH MATCH game.
Match Game Revisited -- Although most of us know by now that the most successful pairings of wine and food come from simply drinking the beverages we like with the foods we like, there is actually a synergy between these two partners in culinary crime.
Or try, which has about 30 games, including online versions of TV game shows like "Family Feud", "Match Game", "To Tell the Truth", and "Name That Tune".
INTERNET MATCH GAME Roaming the Internet's World Wide Web appears effortless.
The British media giant will acquire 10.9% of E-Pub, which, in return, will hold exclusive rights for two years to "Family Feud", "Match Game" and "Password." It will further strengthen the position of Pearson as the world's largest possessor of game show formats.