match up

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w>match up

(= correspond)zusammenpassen
(= be equal) he matched up to the situationer war der Situation gewachsen
vt sep coloursaufeinander abstimmen; I matched the lampshade up with the wallpaperich fand den passenden Lampenschirm zu der Tapete
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A public poll carried out by the Taiwan New Constitution Foundation was published on May 3 on possible presidential match ups for the 2020 election.
The Christmas Day game on Dcember 25, meanwhile, feature the marquee match ups between NLEX and Globalport and crowd drawer Ginebra and Magnolia at Philippine Arena in Bocaue.
For sports statistics historians and football fanatics, this volume on professional football scheduling examines the methodologies employed by the National Football League (NFL) and other historical football governing bodies, in determining the game match ups for an upcoming season based on the standing at the end of a current season.