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1. Powdered green tea, used in Japanese tea ceremonies and as a flavoring for sweets and sweet drinks.
2. Tea prepared by mixing such powder with hot water.

[Japanese (now written with the kanji for matsu, to rub, grind + cha, tea) : matsu, end, tip, fine powder, dust (from Early Middle Chinese mat; also the source of Mandarin , end, tip, nonessentials) + cha, tea; see chanoyu.]
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Matcha Green Tea Blast -- a creamy blend of Matcha green tea, soymilk, frozen yogurt and sorbet.
I loved my Matcha flavoured scoop that had a really intense flavour of Matcha tea and lots of other components which were a bit unusual for me but worth a try.
And though all her cakes are admittedly eye candy, I never quite understood the hype until I finally got to try her famed Le Matcha - gluten-free goodness that is layers of flourless chocolate genoise, matcha panna cotta, white chocolate mousse, and matcha glaze topped with air-flown edible flowers - a sure crowd pleaser, I was sold at that very moment.
Matcha, a high-strength green tea popular in Japan, is particularly rich in these, along with a specific type with cancer-fighting properties called EGCg.
com)-- Passionate about their commitment to clients, Matcha Design works with businesses and nonprofits to provide a full service and holistic experience for their clients; resulting in positive business growth fueled by word of mouth.
Must-try: Le Matcha Flourless Chocolate Genoise-matcha pana cotta, white chocolate mousse, matcha glaze and edible flowers; Le Mimosa-chocolate genoise with demi sec style sparkling wine, bergamot orange cremeux, Belgian milk chocolate mousse, spider glaze.
Tea Ceremony: Visitors to the festival can enjoy the authentic real matcha show (green tea ceremony) on Friday at 9pm and Saturday at 5pm.
The highlight was an exquisite matcha cup by Kotaro Tanimoto, the vice president of the Japan Tea Exporters' Council, clad in a traditional kimono and explaining the ritual gestures with expertise.
The luxurious experience of Tea Forte meets traditional matcha with new Ceremonial Matcha Bowl Set and Matcha Single SteepsA(r).
Matcha is powdered green tea but with well over a hundred times the antioxidants of regular brewed green tea.
Whisk 1 tbsp matcha powder with a 400g pot Coyo (coconut yoghurt), 2-3 tbsp maple syrup and 100ml water, then pour into six ice lolly moulds and freeze for at least 4 hrs, or overnight.
MATCHA MASCARPONE POTS SERVES 4-6 Matcha is the espresso of green tea and is packed with antioxidants.