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Capable of being matched: matchable colors.

match′a·bil′i·ty n.
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The services provided by NORI are matchable with those of any well reputed international hospital.
I am honored to join 35 other poets he invited for the presentation of their new poems matchable to significant works of art on the rock panels, whales and animals in the petroglyphs.
The large face, exposed natural wood, and pops of vibrant color on matchable chunky pieces make this clock a fun learning tool.
As a consequence of these user privacy protections, the bulk of the social media data available for mining is probabilistic--that is to say, it offers the probability of being matchable to a unique individual.
Considering the same, our results were matchable to that of Boldt HC et al (16) who reported 30% endophthalmitis among rural patients.
He said that Pharmacopoeia work has been given lot of importance and Pharmacopoeia Commission of Indian Medicine is set up to develop quality standards of Indian medicine drugs matchable with global requirements of quality.
By checking database, MissingFound lists all matchable reports of potential missing people for the asker.
16) Holding companies created by merger are omitted from estimations because they are not matchable to a single firm before the merger.
used the linear tracking method to reconstruct contour lines by setting up sector areas at break points along the contour lines and searching for matchable break points in such areas [19].
Clinique Wear Everywhere Neutrals, PS32 Available in four palettes, these eye shadows will give you mix and matchable hues you can adapt to suit your mood and outfit.
Regarding rough relations between elements of every system and their influences on each other and their impressibility, and also that only one set of coordinated and matchable elements can act properly for reaching to considered goals, it is necessary that mediums and educational methods to be selected carefully.