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Capable of being matched: matchable colors.

match′a·bil′i·ty n.
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605 is now one of the few within the industry to capture and measure both set-top-box data--boasting one of the industry's largest matchable television datasets--together with other sources of TV viewership data, such as over the air (OTA) and basic over-the-top (OTT) viewing data from Inscape's more than 10.5 million smart TVs.
But it is none else but the Deputy Speaker himself who is behind this move to deprive the ministers of their meager salary which is not matchable even with their counterparts in Sindh, KP and Balochistan.
Instead, the Bulls were given a very matchable offer, and the Kings reportedly added injury protection, giving the option of terminating the contract if LaVine tears the ACL in his left knee again.
I am honored to join 35 other poets he invited for the presentation of their new poems matchable to significant works of art on the rock panels, whales and animals in the petroglyphs.
The large face, exposed natural wood, and pops of vibrant color on matchable chunky pieces make this clock a fun learning tool.
As a consequence of these user privacy protections, the bulk of the social media data available for mining is probabilistic--that is to say, it offers the probability of being matchable to a unique individual.
Considering the same, our results were matchable to that of Boldt HC et al (16) who reported 30% endophthalmitis among rural patients.
By checking database, MissingFound lists all matchable reports of potential missing people for the asker.
(16) Holding companies created by merger are omitted from estimations because they are not matchable to a single firm before the merger.
used the linear tracking method to reconstruct contour lines by setting up sector areas at break points along the contour lines and searching for matchable break points in such areas [19].