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Then, when she's all matched, she knits for me, and that's how she made my mittens.
Some Munchkins came here a few days ago and matched a lot of people together," said the kangaroo.
So while the others were searching for the mouth she hunted for pieces with red hair, and found several of them which, when matched to the other pieces, formed the top of a man's head.
I was never matched together so quickly in my life.
After dinner they went out into the yard and matched several other people together, and this work was so interesting that they might have spent the entire day at Fuddlecumjig had not the Wizard suggested that they resume their journey.
Each dollar they save over a three-year period (up to a maximum of $1,500) is matched by a $3 credit to a maximum of $4,500.
The child would have the best shot at living a full life if the donated cells came from a sibling who had a genetically matched immune system.