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Noun1.matched game - an international championship matchmatched game - an international championship match
match - a formal contest in which two or more persons or teams compete
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These intent regiments apparently were oblivious of all larger purposes of war, and were slugging each other as if at a matched game.
All-in-all it was an exciting, well played, well matched game, where the crowd of several hundred were treated to excellent entertainment.
In the 37th minute of an evenly matched game, Sadio Mane held the ball for a moment, then found the perfect pass to Idrissa Gueye.
Next up was a well matched game against Wallace High.
Radwanska, ranked 35th, later regained her tempo and tried to keep an evenly matched game in the second set.
The tiebreaker was an evenly matched game in which no one scored for long periods of time until Ta pushed through at the end to win 11-10.
"It was an evenly matched game and they (Clinton) have a great goalie.
In a closely matched game it is a surprise to see Kiev as big as 7-2, but with a draw suiting the visitors a stalemate at 5-2 looks a shrewd play.
An evenly matched game, but the difference was KaranEoe1/4aos mental toughness, determination and a sound temperament which saw him serve out the match and score a straight set win over his doubles partner.