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Noun1.matching funds - funds that will be supplied in an amount matching the funds available from other sourcesmatching funds - funds that will be supplied in an amount matching the funds available from other sources
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The three bonds, combined with state matching funds, exceed $10 billion.
Smith, chief of staff to incumbent Councilman Hal Bernson, has raised nearly $300,000 in donations for the campaign overall, and received $123,000 in city matching funds and benefited from $71,000 in independent expenditures.
The rating on the Diageo project bonds, series 2009A, is based on the strength of projected matching funds cash flows which provides for solid debt service coverage, a level debt service profile that requires approximately three months of production annually through maturity, Diageo's recognition and strength in the global spirits business, and an established program based on federal law whereby matching fund payments are annually transferred by the U.
Korenstein argues that her opponent in the runoff election to represent the northwest San Fernando Valley's 12th District hid the fact that he spent more in the primary campaign than the official limit of $330,000 for candidates who have collected city matching funds.
SEATTLE -- ResearchChannel awarded matching funds to five institutions today as part of its first-ever Matching Funds Production Awards Program which encourages the creation of productions that further public awareness of research addressing important and wide-ranging issues.
Local schools have put construction and modernization projects on hold because of a need for state matching funds.
Anonymous Party Will Donate up to $250,000 in Matching Funds
More than $200,000 in grants have come in - but that money has been earmarked for expansion, not renovation, so it doesn't qualify for city matching funds.
The TRANs are secured by a pledge of the trust estate, consisting of annual allocations of federal transportation funds and state matching funds by the Colorado Transportation Commission (CTC).
School and oversight officials have said it will be imperative to pass the local bond to qualify for state matching funds if voters in California pass a state bond that will likely be on the ballot in the fall.
As grant recipient, STS is accumulating matching funds and services and forming a coalition of tourism industry professionals to create a marketing campaign.
If California voters in November 2002 pass a school construction bond measure to provide matching funds, the high school district could afford to build another high school.