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a. One who finds a person for another to marry.
b. One who finds a person for another to have a romantic relationship with, or who finds two people to have a romantic relationship with each other.
2. One who arranges athletic competitions, especially in professional boxing.
3. One who establishes or tries to establish a partnership between people, groups of people, or businesses: "The firm acts as a matchmaker for smaller businesses, especially in the countryside, where older presidents can't find someone to take over" (Yuko Takeo).

match′mak′ing n.


1. (Professions) a person who brings together suitable partners for marriage
2. (Professions) a person who arranges competitive matches
3. (General Sporting Terms) a person who arranges competitive matches
ˈmatchˌmaking n, adj


(Professions) a person who makes matches (for igniting)
ˈmatchˌmaking n, adj


(ˈmætʃˌmeɪ kər)

1. a person who arranges marriages by introducing possible mates.
2. a person who arranges potential alliances.
match′mak`ing, n., adj.
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Noun1.matchmaker - someone who arranges (or tries to arrange) marriages for othersmatchmaker - someone who arranges (or tries to arrange) marriages for others
go-between, intercessor, intermediary, intermediator, mediator - a negotiator who acts as a link between parties


noun go-between, marriage broker, pandar Some friends played matchmaker and had us both over to dinner.
شَخص يُنَظِّم الزواج بين الناس
ženitni posrednik


[ˈmætʃˌmeɪkəʳ] Ncasamentero/a m/f, alcahuete/a m/f


[ˈmætʃˌmeɪkəʳ] n (arranger of marriages) → sensale m/f di matrimoni (Sport) → organizzatore/trice di incontri sportivi
she is a great matchmaker → ha combinato molte unioni felici


(mӕtʃ) noun
1. a contest or game. a football/rugby/chess match.
2. a thing that is similar to or the same as another in some way(s) eg in colour or pattern. These trousers are not an exact match for my jacket.
3. a person who is able to equal another. She has finally met her match at arguing.
4. a marriage or an act of marrying. She hoped to arrange a match for her daughter.
1. to be equal or similar to something or someone in some way eg in colour or pattern. That dress matches her red hair.
2. to set (two things, people etc) to compete. He matched his skill against the champion's.
matched adjective
paired or joined together, eg in marriage, or as contestants in a competition etc. a well-matched couple; The competitors were evenly matched.
ˈmatchless adjective
having no equal. a woman of matchless beauty.
ˈmatchmaker noun
a person who tries to arrange marriages between people.
References in classic literature ?
It is a very good project, but I am no matchmaker," said the old lady.
In time, however, there came another youth, as true, I dare say, as the first, but not so well known to me, and I shrugged my shoulders cynically to see my old friend once more a matchmaker.
In a special issue of Human Mutation, a team including investigators at Brigham and Women s Hospital has announced the launch of the Matchmaker Exchange a way for the rare disease community to share information and find new connections.
FCA US LLC continued to demonstrate its deep commitment to supplier diversity and minority supplier development, hosting the 16th annual Matchmaker event today at the Company's headquarters in Auburn Hills, Mich.
Hilton Worldwide has partnered with the University of Cambridge to launch the first-ever Holiday Matchmaker Facebook App.
A committee that had been formed in coordination between the Ministries of Justice, Interior and Social Affairs has assigned the Ministry of Social Affairs with the task of studying the matchmaker issue and come up with necessary procedures to streamline this profession.
Debra, Sarasota's top matchmaker for My Top Matchmaker, has been in the business of helping people find love for over 12 years.
He walked away without success after transforming his date time into an interrogation segment, which clearly annoyed matchmaker Patti Stanger.
Sharjah police has arrested a man who has been posing as a female matchmaker offering to find husbands for women desperate to marry.
Summary: A woman who posed as a matchmaker to swindle money out of women who were desperate to get married, has been referred by the Public Prosecution to the Court of Misdemeanors on a fraud charge on which she was found guilty.
Matchmaker Trudy Gilbert from Elite Introductions said that she believed that women were judging men today with 1950s values, like an eligible man is a breadwinner, he's successful, he has status, and they don't look at things that are more important, such as his values of honesty, integrity, being a potentially great father.