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Adj.1.mateless - not mated sexually
unmated - not mated sexually
2.Mateless - of someone who has no marriage partnermateless - of someone who has no marriage partner
unmarried, single - not married or related to the unmarried state; "unmarried men and women"; "unmarried life"; "sex and the single girl"; "single parenthood"; "are you married or single?"
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"What will he say when, instead of a pair of plump turtle doves, billing and cooing in a bower of roses, he finds a single lean cormorant, standing mateless and shelterless on poverty's bleak cliff?
They coil up inside my shoes and writhe around in my underwear drawer, slithering through the leg holes of my panties, burrowing into mateless socks.
En route, the gang encounters headhunters, a mateless, all-female tribe and a sex-crazed gorilla 1970 **