material breach

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Noun1.material breach - a breach serious enough to destroy the value of the contract and to give a basis for an action for breach of contractmaterial breach - a breach serious enough to destroy the value of the contract and to give a basis for an action for breach of contract
breach of contract - a breach of a legal duty; failure to do something that is required in a contract
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Under the relevant legislation, the administration has to certify whether Iran is in material breach of the agreement, or if the deal is not serving the national interest.
ii) Iran has not committed a material breach with respect to the agreement or, if Iran has committed a material breach, Iran has cured the material breach; and
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani underlined that the US House of Representatives' amendment to block Tehran's purchase of passenger planes is a material breach of the 2015 nuclear deal.
The channel management and host of the programme are in material breach of, inter alia, section 3(1), section 4 (9) and section 22 (1), (3) and (4) of the Electronic Media Code of Conduct notified by the Government of Pakistan in 2015,' it was also mentioned.
Failure Of Any Person Or Entity To Disclose Or Any Violation Of Any Rule, Regulation Or Policy Promulgated By The Department Of Finance & Administration Pursuant To This Order Shall Be Considered A Material Breach Of The Terms Of This Contract.
Judge Cohn was unable to locate a single case "where the Supreme Court of Florida ha[d] held that a party must prove a material breach to prevail in a breach of contract action.
However, the jury also found that Hanson waived SJM's material breach by his subsequent conduct.
It's a material breach of the provisional license so suspension and revocation is possible," Hernando added.
A material breach is when, in the opinion of the HSE inspector, there is or has been a contravention of health and safety law that requires them to issue notice in writing of that opinion to the dutyholder.
Francisco spoke at length to someone posing as an agent and engaged in a conversation which the club believes to be a material breach of his contract of employment.
Normally we stay silent on sanctions as the commission has a free range but clearly if there is a material breach of that rule we will be asking the commission to consider top-end sanctions.
In the judgment of the Department of Defence, you are in material breach and violation of the non-disclosure agreements you signed.

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