material possession

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Noun1.material possession - property or belongings that are tangible
belongings, property, holding - something owned; any tangible or intangible possession that is owned by someone; "that hat is my property"; "he is a man of property";
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My own belief is, although I have never before said so in so many words, that the time will come when the Negro in the South will be accorded all the political rights which his ability, character, and material possessions entitle him to.
Perceptions of popularity benefits of material possession were calculated by the average of standardized scores on these two items.
While the only material possession I gained from the trip to Sacramento was a "Governator" T-shirt, my life was enriched.
I briefly summarize here how the different social games frame values and the practice of "material possession" and illustrate how cultural identities are framed from these value systems.
She calls her pounds 1million estate on the banks of the Tay, where she wed Murray, her favourite material possession.
The official statement of the conference read: `We owe to ourselves never to forget these absent ones standing among us who did not die of their own death, to acknowledge our share of responsibility in the humiliation and opprobrium, to feel shame for what those absent ones did, to look differently at the false images, to surrender to forgiveness in order to start afresh and pursue our goal towards progress, and free ourselves from misery without succumbing to vanity of material possession. For Africans, this awareness opens the way to forgiveness and reconciliation.'
Whatever it is we think is missing in our lives, no money or material possession can fill that void.
Among specific topics are conceptualizing car dependence, insights on car-use behaviors from behavioral economics, the car as material possession, driving to the breadline, and the role of spatial and occupational factors in commuting to work by immigrants in New Jersey.
Children's Express bureau manager Gerry Hunwick said: "There is a lack of material possession, services and things to do, but there is also a richness of life which means things take on great significance here."
She calls her pounds 1million estate on the banks of the Tay, where she married Murray, her favourite material possession.
This place is ours, in a way no material possession can be owned.
A: There is only one issue in ejectment proceedings: who is entitled to physical or material possession of the premises, that is, to possession de facto, not possession de jure.

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