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During the 803rd Quartermaster Company's deployment, the processing section produced 2,692 materiel release orders, putting $12.68 million worth of class IX items back into the supply system.
Between December 2011 and December 2014, the RSYs processed more than 25,000 TEUs of equipment and produced more than 960,000 materiel release orders in SARSS.
They learn the basics of automated supply and receive training on some of the automated supply management equipment used in the SSA warehouse, such as the Materiel Release Order Control System and the portable infrared label scanner and data collection device.
It was late in the afternoon at Sharpe Army Depot, quite possibly on a Friday, when that materiel release order arrived for action.
The materiel release order, which is generated by SARSS or another AMS-TAC, contains the document number, national stock number, routing identification number, unit of issue, quantity, commodity, requirement code, and unit price.

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