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It monitors Marine Corps operational matters pertaining to strategic and contingency planning, Marine Forces (MARFOR) support, war reserve materiel requirements, and logistics customer services in order to maximize Command effectiveness to support the force.
Foundationally, the SSL provides one third of materiel requirements, the SSA provides the second third, and strategic sustainment echelons provide the final third to sustain armored formations.
Lynn Kohl, vice commander, NAVSUP WSS, the leading role of NAVSUP WSS as the PSICP during this period is in "designing the support" rather than "supporting the design." The PSICP function of provisioning supports the future materiel requirements of all supply support inventory control points (SSICPs).
PED-related materiel requirements and capabilities necessary for
For the US Army to expand rapidly, its leaders will have to make critical decisions on organizational and materiel requirements. However, a recent research effort at the US Army War College reveals that some equipment, such as air defense artillery and aviation assets, will be difficult to procure quickly.
The metrics used in this stage include Materiel Requirements Planningand product quality deficiency data.
With the final wave of LMP Increment-2 rolled out in June 2015, the army has since reported that readiness has improved, and the AMC's ability to forecast materiel requirements has increased by 20 percent, while the US Army's TACOM (Tank and Automotive Command) Life Cycle Management Command, and Aviation and Missile Command have improved item forecasting rates by 6.5 percent and 5.7 percent, respectively.
In unified land operations, the demands of Health Service Support (HSS) and the nature of its materiel requirements have resulted in common observations as far back as the American Civil War (1):
Further, updates to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (General Services Administration, DoD, & National Aeronautics & Space Administration, 2005) should include language to support contracting for materiel requirements to satisfy JUONS and ONS.
(16) The increase in visits that aircraft made through the repair cycles provided closer monitoring of aircraft conditions and fostered better forecasting for repair and materiel requirements. Lastly, heavy emphasis was placed on detailed, reiterative work planning.
According to DOD, the War Reserve Materiel Policy provides ample policy guidance on war reserve materiel requirements and war reserve materiel positioning while the allocation process is outlined in the Joint Strategic Capability Plan.
The TSC also coordinates with the AMC Field Support Brigade Commander to support national-level system and materiel requirements.

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