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Noun1.maternal language - one's native languagematernal language - one's native language; the language learned by children and passed from one generation to the next
natural language, tongue - a human written or spoken language used by a community; opposed to e.g. a computer language
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Story comprehension at five years was best predicted by paternal education, maternal language, child gender, and child language development (24-months MacArthur-Bates CDI).
This newly acquired status will position the International Creole Institute as an extended arm of the Seychelles Creole Institute with the purpose of furthering the international dimension of its general mission based on the principles of promoting and of developing the Creole, the Seychelles maternal language.
In fact, the constant reference in this story is to my maternal language.
Now, Ramu is on a Telegu spree and has been tweeting non- stop in his maternal language.
Table 2 shows examples of maternal language characteristics and mean values from pre- and postsessions.
For children in both groups, maternal language inside joint attention was positively associated with language gains whereas maternal language outside of joint attention was negatively associated with language gains.
Analyst Zarko Trajanoski in Dnevnik writes that it is about time to stop the political manipulations of the accession talks and the spreading of the fear that somebody is threatening the identity and maternal language of ethnic Macedonians.
Consequently, the opportunity to study the course in her maternal language was a bonus for Brousseau.
The choice of writing in a language that is not one's maternal language underlines the stated desire to step outside oneself in order to better examine oneself (Jean-Paul Sermain, "Une Lumiere darriere saison: Casanova e la langue francaise") and/or to highlight a strong adherence to the revolutionary dynamics of the historical moment, even though in reality the choice may reflect troubling psychological motivation of which the author himself is unaware.
Cooper wants to be simple and to fit in without the embarrassment of having to speak Korean, a maternal language in which he lacks confidence and expression.
For example, the percentage of Quebecois whose maternal language was French went from 82.

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