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Noun1.math teacher - someone who teaches mathematicsmath teacher - someone who teaches mathematics  
geometry teacher - someone who teaches geometry
instructor, teacher - a person whose occupation is teaching
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Lauren Miranda, a math teacher with New York's South Country School District, sent the photo to another teacher at the school that she was romantically involved with three years earlier, ( WPIX , a New York City CW affiliate reported.
Bay-Williams, a math teacher educator, and Kling, an elementary math curriculum developer and teacher, outline five fundamentals for transforming basic math fact instruction, along with 42 activities and games and 26 assessment tools, to help elementary students develop their fluency and learn facts.
It has also presented them a chance to excel,' math teacher Zehra Nayyar said.
Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You'd Had: Ideas and Strategies from Vibrant Classrooms addresses the common gap between mathematicians who perceive math as creative and fun and students who view it is boring at best and frustrating at worst, and helps teachers move students from dull math classes to more vibrant, lively productions.
Pietro Boselli, dubbed by social media as the world's 'hottest math teacher,' has been mesmerized by the 'morena' (dark) beauty of a Filipina actress.
The math teacher is now in Kayseri Prison and denied the charges against him in court.
In this instance, there is an Automotive 'technology instructor and a math teacher. As mentioned previously, this double-instructor model is becoming a common occurrence at many career centers.
Submitted by Luther Burbank Middle School eighth-grade math teacher Kandice McBrearty.
No need to download a multitude of units or different applications,” explains Veronique Merckling, Middle-School Math Teacher and Math Coordinator at ISTP Elementary School in Palo Alto, CA.
Parra had been a math teacher with the district for four years.
Freedom Federal Credit Union, Bel Air, Md., announced that Angela Rosenberg, a math teacher at Edgewood High School, was the recipient of the first annual Golden Apple $1,000 scholarship.
Data by the Education Trust-West study found, for example, that a Hispanic or African-American student is more than three times as likely as a White or Asian student to be assigned an English teacher from the bottom quarter of teacher rankings and nearly two times as likely to be assigned a low value-added math teacher. Other highlights: