mathematical expectation

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mathematical expectation

(Statistics) statistics another name for expected value
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mathemat′ical expecta′tion

Statistics. the summation or integration over all values of a variate of the product of the variate and its probability or its probability density.
Also called expectation.
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Notations: Mathematical expectation is denoted by E[.], Pr[.] stands for probability, Ei (.) is the exponential integral, [f.sub.X] (.) and [F.sub.X] (.) define the probability density function (PDF) and cumulative distribution function (CDF) of a given random variable (RV) X, respectively.
where [m.sub.x] is the mathematical expectation; x is the numerical value of the dimension.
In this case, the mathematical expectation of the detachment area M([alpha]) will be within the capabilities of the technological coating process, under which the equilibrium state of the peeling section will be preserved under the action of technological stresses.
In this case the mathematical expectation values and variances of [g.sub.1] and [g.sub.2] are as follows:
Furthermore, we denote f(y) as the probability density of ln(1 + [X.sub.i]) and [beta] = [E.sub.Q] [[X.sub.i]], where [E.sub.Q][*] denotes the mathematical expectation under the probability measure Q.
The interference of the UAV localization obeys Gauss distribution of which mathematical expectation is 0 and variance is 10.
where E[*] is mathematical expectation and [x.sub.n] represents the discrete GFDM signal in time domain.
It recasts the definite integral as a mathematical expectation of a random variable.
Where SNR' denotes SNR of the compressed signal, and E() refers to the mathematical expectation.
It addresses the theoretical framework needed to build, analyze, and interpret different models, with examples from various fields, and details basic concepts in descriptive statistics; measures of location and spread; skewness and kurtosis; probability; discrete, continuous, and joint distributions; mathematical expectation; generating functions; and functions of random variables.
The mathematical expectation of the number of children of the families, whose final child is a boy for the first time, is equal to 2.

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