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Noun1.mathematical statistician - a mathematician who specializes in statisticsmathematical statistician - a mathematician who specializes in statistics
mathematician - a person skilled in mathematics
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The bulk of classical voting theory, pioneered by the mathematical statistician and economic theorist Harold Hotelling and the economist and political theorist Anthony Downs, assumes that people vote in their self-interest.
Although the library upgrade is still new, NIST postdoc and mathematical statistician Arun Moorthy is already working on improvements to the search algorithm.
Ronald Johnson is a mathematical statistician in the Office of Prices and Living Conditions, U.S.
His other former positions include Senior Mathematical Statistician for the U.S.
He arrived in 1918 at an annual salary that today is less than one biweekly paycheck for a journeyman mathematical statistician at SOI--$2,000.
Raghu Kacker is a mathematical statistician in the Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division of the NIST Information Technology Laboratory.
"We use GIS to combine data from USDA's Food Stamp Program and from its Agricultural Marketing Service and Economic Research Service, in partnership with the Census Bureau," says Alvin Nowverl, CNRG's mathematical statistician. The resulting application, CNMap, was released onto the World Wide Web last year ( cnmapfr.htm).
Gaynor is a mathematical statistician, in the Statistics and Mathematics Department, Naval Safety Center.
Positions included are actuary, computer scientist, mathematician, mathematical statistician, operations research analyst, and statistician.
Concluding this issue of the Review, Janice Lent, a senior mathematical statistician at the U.

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