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 (măt′n) also mat·in·al (-əl)
Of or relating to matins or to the early part of the day.

[Middle English, from Old French, sing. of matines, matins; see matins.]
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Rabat Spanish police have arrested a 25-year old suspect in Elda, Spain for his alleged links to the ISIS, Spanish security services announced on Twitter.El Matinal said on August 29 that the suspect is a Moroccan national.
Porque ella es muy fragil; especialmente, cuando esta apenas en su aurora, en su hora matinal, cuando apenas toma impulso para brotar.
But what will Mr Trump's next matinal tweet presage?
En cuanto al fin de semana, el subtitulado tambien desaparece en horario matinal (coincidiendo con los programas Cazamariposas, Got Talent: la ultima oportunidad y Mas que coches) y de madrugada (Gran Hermano VIP: resumen diario y Musical Cities).
A la rAaAaAeA@daction centrale, entre 10h et 11h, l'AaAaAeA@quipe est au com et le bourdonnement des claviers brise le calme matinal. Le brouhaha atteint son comble avec l'arrivAaAaAeA@e de Macao, le porte-fanion [beauco moins que]Rouge[beaucoup plus grand que] de la rAaAaAeA@daction.