matjes herring

mat·jes herring

Fillets of young herring that have not yet spawned, lightly cured with salt, vinegar, sugar, and spices.

[Partial translation of Dutch maatjesharing : maatjes (alteration of maeghdekins, genitive of maeghdekin, maiden, diminutive of maagd, maid; see maghu- in Indo-European roots) + haring, herring.]
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They also serve dishes including salmon, tuna, octopus, shrimps, matjes herring and are the official representatives of the champagne house M.
White offers recommendations for whisky-herring pairings, including Laphroaig quarter cask or Caol Ila 12 to go with matjes herring and Dalwhinnie 15 with schmaltz.
There are rollmops (rolled pickled herring) from Germany, matjes herring from Holland, and peppadew peppers from South Africa.
Trypsin is the limiting enzyme in the fermentation of matjes herring, and the cold-adapted enzyme from cod is commercially available as a fermentation aid.
But Norwegian cooks stir native passions with a mind-boggling array of recipes: There's chopped herring, pickled herring, herring in mustard sauce, herring in sour cream, herring in curried cream sauce, salted herring, herring salad with beetroot garnish, spicy herring, matjes herring (young herring cured for eight months in sugar, salt, vinegar, and spices), herring tidbits in wine sauce, herring with beets and sour cream, baby herring in tomato sauce, herring in a sweet marinade with carrots and onions, and old-fashioned marinated herring (gammeldags sursild).
Here, guests can taste the traditional German fare of sausages, potato salad, sandwiches with matjes herring or liverwurst, as well as Apple Strudel and Sacher Torte.
each) wine-flavored matjes herring pieces or fillets, drained; cut fillets in 1/2-inch-wide pieces
each) matjes herring fillets, drained and cut into 1/2-inch-wide slices
Photo: Diced beets make bright band across matjes herring with horseradish sauce
Such products are now firmly established in the retail sector, as are Dutch tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet peppers, dairy products, chickens and matjes herrings, as well as the world famous horticultural products, which include tulip bulbs, cut flowers and pot plants.