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 (mā′trĭ-sēz′, măt′rĭ-)
A plural of matrix.
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(ˈmeɪtrɪˌsiːz; ˈmæ-)
1. (Anatomy) a plural of matrix
2. (Biology) a plural of matrix
3. (Geological Science) a plural of matrix
4. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a plural of matrix
5. (Electronics) a plural of matrix
6. (Mechanical Engineering) a plural of matrix
7. (Mathematics) a plural of matrix
8. (Linguistics) a plural of matrix
9. (Computer Science) a plural of matrix
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(ˈmeɪ trɪˌsiz, ˈmæ trɪ-)

a pl. of matrix.
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They were canopied, alter-shaped, and plain; their carvings being defaced and broken; their brasses torn from the matrices, the rivet-holes remaining like martin-holes in a sandcliff.
Im, "Characteristics of aluminum-reinforced y-LiAl[O.sub.2] matrices for molten carbonate fuel cells," Journal of Power Sources, vol.
Matrices and their elements maybe used to monitor continuity of paraxial surface elements and disclose information for all meridians.
In this paper, we denote the set of all m x n complex matrices by [C.sup.m x n] and the identity matrix with the appropriate size by I.
Given any sequence of numbers, [c.sub.0], [c.sub.1], ..., [c.sub.n - 1], we can form circulant matrices. From [2], circulant matrices have four types: the right circulant, the left circulant, the skew-right circulant and the skew-left circulant and take the following forms, respectively:
Readers should be familiar with basics of the theory of nonnegative matrices, directed and undirected graphs, and Markov chains.
Throughout the paper, the notations [R.sup.mxn] and [H.sup.mxn] represent the set of all m x n real matrices and the set of all m x n matrices over the quaternion algebra H = {[a.sub.1] + [a.sub.2]i + [a.sub.3]j + [a.sub.4]k| [i.sup.2] = [j.sup.2] = [k.sup.2] = ijk = -1, [a.sub.1], [a.sub.2], [a.sub.3], [a.sub.4] [member of] R}.
Researchers suggested that matrices, by having dual structural dimensions, provide an advantage over ordinary structures when MNCs encounter dual strategic demands (Davis and Lawrence 1977; Galbraith and Kazanjian 1986).
Nick Turner, president of Cytec, commented on size limitations for matrices and multiplexers.
There is much theory in linear algebra about inverses of matrices. For example Lay [10] list twelve necessary conditions for the existence of an inverse of an inverse of a square n x n matrix building up his so called The Invertible Matrix Theorem .
The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) issued more than 2,300 fare matrices to jeepney drivers on Monday.
Let L and M be N x N matrices. With I we denote the identity matrix.