matriculation exam

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إمْتِحان القُبول إلى الجامِعَه

matriculation exam(ination)

(məˌtrikjuˈleiʃn igˌzam(iˈneiʃn)) noun
an examination that secondary school pupils have to pass in order to be admitted to university.
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The petitioner through her counsel Imran Ghumman contended that she passed her matriculation exam in 2009 from the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Faisalabad, but could not continue education due to her marriage.
A youth was caught red-handed taking other's matriculation exam.
Students in Hebron celebrating their success in the Injaz general matriculation exam announced on Wednesday.
CHILDREN in Finland don't start formal education until they are seven - and there are no national exams until the matriculation exam at 19 for pupils who aspire to go to university.
I do not know where to go now because I have secured less marks in matriculation exam and do not find my name in the merit list being displayed, regretted Muhammad Naeem of Shakas area of Jamrud Khyber Agency.
Besides this, Lalu had publicly slammed Nitish over various issues such as the government's confession regarding its inability to curb cheating in matriculation exam and the move to scrap 34 populist decisions of previous Manjhi government.
Chairman of the secondary school board Fasihuddin told the media that five colleges were also designated as examination centres in addition to the Karachi Central Prison, where inmates were sitting for the matriculation exam.
The fact that Arabic is not a mandatory matriculation exam subject is not merely an indicator of a linguistic problem; rather, it points to a much graver problem.
The high school matriculation exam in Bulgaria's western city of Pernik has been terminated Tuesday after the latest earthquake aftershock hit the region.
It has been long time that blockade was enforced and since then the students have been facing hardships, especially those who are in class X because we are preparing for matriculation exam and it is a great loss for us," said a student.
CDATA[ The math matriculation exam was obtained by some students two days before the test.
In addition, data were collected on scholastic achievement from multiple sources: national matriculation exam results, final grade point average (GPA) and self-reports of 9th grade GPA.