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A line of descent traced through the maternal side of a family.
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Poderiamos incorporar a esta terceira visao, que nos parece a mais razoavel, a observacao nao excludente de que "colonialism eroded many matriline alor woman-friendly cultures and practices, or intensified women's subordination in colonised lands" (LOOMBA, 2005, p.
Among seven other private variants in this matriline, three (m.3970 C>T, m.3915 G>A, and m.4248 T>C) were located in the MT-ND1 gene, m.8363 G>T in the MT-RNA [sup]lys gene, m.4435 A to G in the MT-RNA [sup]met gene, m.8414 C>T in the ATP8 gene, and m.8793 T>C in the ATP6 gene.
Turning now to examples of lexically distinct 'jukurrpa-related' words, examples from the Warlpiri dictionary include the following, among many others: juju, defined as 'rituals associated with Dreamtime beings (jukurrpa)'-, yanjarra, defined as 'creative power; manifestation of creative power'; and miirn-nyina-mi, defined as 'x (=human) perform the ceremonial role appropriate to the matriline (kurdungurlu) involving material preparations'.
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284), or that, in killer whales, it is the just the accumulated knowledge of food distribution that allows the regular use of specific areas by different pods--not to mention of course the more global effects on the role of guidance that the matriarchs can play in the matriline by coordinating collective behavioral changes with some type of vocal lead (Victoria, "Acoustic Measurement").
* private negotiation with the women's kinsmen (= matriline negotiations)
OXFORD Ancestors can offer Daily Record readers a Matriline ancestral DNA test for pounds 150 (usually pounds 180).