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Relating to, based on, or tracing ancestral descent through the maternal line.

mat′ri·lin′e·al·ly adv.
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Adv.1.matrilineally - by descent through the female linematrilineally - by descent through the female line  
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(64) The Friday property was expected to be inherited matrilineally; while the Monday property, which was usually acquired by purchase, either was inherited through the Shari'a provisions or when a man was the sole heir, governed by the Shari'a rules.
Tina Beattie, in a similar fashion, highlights that the patriarchal tradition of religion reduces the function of women to either that of sacrifice or atonement; the sacrifice of Eve's body to motherhood and the constant atonement for her original sin is borne down matrilineally (34).
They had been buried at the same time and were found not to be related matrilineally through mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) analysis.
Other DNA tests sometimes used in criminal cases are less probative; DNA testing can be done on the Y chromosome (Y-STR testing), but all members of a paternal lineage would share the same results, and mitochondrial DNA tests, useful when hairs are found at a crime scene, also provide weaker findings since mitochondrial DNA is matrilineally inherited.
matrilineally. But they participate in secular American society
For the not-yet-chosen, as for the chosen, election may be selected, while descent develops matrilineally, rather than according to strictly patriarchal principles and patterns (Furman 107-16).
(34) For all three literary/visionary men present in Bodega Dreams--Piri Thomas, Julio Mercado, William Carlos Williams--the men's Puerto Rican identity is derived matrilineally. This resonates in the discourses on the oral tradition of storytelling in much Latina and Latino literature.
The nature of the mother's death, in particular, symbolises the tearing apart of the Tuareg ways of life given that the Tuareg trace descent matrilineally. Her memorial stones are like signposts, "condemning the unknown transgressor" (Bleeding 68).
Descent is traced patrilineally, not matrilineally, and Minang men marry late because they go on rantau (traditional travel prior marriage) in order to earn enough money to marry.
(11) Robert Brain underscores the foreign origin of women in the Bangwa chiefdom when he says that 'It is part of Bangwa dogma that a person's female ancestress, traced matrilineally, was a slave, bought in a Grassfields market' (1972: 14).