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Adj.1.matrilinear - based on or tracing descent through the female linematrilinear - based on or tracing descent through the female line; "matrilineal inheritance"
lineal, direct - in a straight unbroken line of descent from parent to child; "lineal ancestors"; "lineal heirs"; "a direct descendant of the king"; "direct heredity"
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Their family system is matrilinear and two centuries of inbreeding produced a generation of webbed hands, ingrowing eyelashes, lobeless ears and other deformities.
Men are no more risk taking than women in small-scale farming communities in Chile, or among the matrilinear Khasi in India, or among the patriarchal Maasai in Tanzania.
Nao importa se uma sociedade africana especifica demonstra um sistema de filiacao patri ou matrilinear, as maes sao o sustentaculo essencial dos relacionamentos sociais, das identidades e certamente da sociedade.
A imposicao da descendencia matrilinear pelo sistema escravista (para garantir a permanencia da condicao escrava do filho, ainda que o pai fosse um homem livre) estimulou a mulher negra e mulata a construcao de sua autonomia ainda nas circunstancias da escravidao.
So do you reconfigure the space of each of the four venues into a more matrilinear, humanist setting?
In West Afrika, when we talk about matrilinear, that means the lineage comes down through the female part.
Saisiat, Bunun, Tsou; (C) matrilinear societies with age ranks, e.g.
(42) Haggard's powerful female rulers may derive in part from his anthropological interest in matrilinear succession.
This interpretation poses no historical problem for, as noted by Worsley (2006), kinship relationships in polygamous Central Javanese royal households were complex and several members of one royal family could have claimed right to succession on the basis of blood relations acquired along matrilinear lines.