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1. Anthropology Of or relating to residence with a wife's kin group or clan.
2. Zoology Of or relating to the tendency of males to leave their natal group and reside in or mate with females of a different group: groups of monkeys that are matrilocal.

mat′ri·lo·cal′i·ty (-kăl′ĭ-tē) n.
mat′ri·lo′cal·ly adv.
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(ˈmætrɪˌləʊkəl; ˈmeɪ-)
(Anthropology & Ethnology) (of heterosexual relationships)denoting, having, or relating to a marriage pattern in which the couple live with the wife's family
matrilocality n
ˌmatriˈlocally adv
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He clarifies what he means by the matriarchate: 'a combination of matrilineal inheritance and matrilocal residence as well as relative gender egalitarianism' (p.
It must also be remembered here that Helen's position is matrilocal in the sense that Sparta is her home, not Menelaus'.
Many societies were matrilineal and matrilocal. Violence against women and children was infrequent or unheard of in many tribes." (155) Because men currently dominate tribal councils and tend to protect their own, violence against Indian women persists.
Western apologists for tyranny argue that women retain power within the tribe's matrilocal family units.
1974 Migration, external warfare, and matrilocal residence.
Es asi como nos habla de una sociedad matriarcal, matrilineal y matrilocal, justificando en todo momento lo que significa y la forma que adquiere entre los Mosuo; del rito de paso que atraviesan las jovenes para iniciarse en la vida adulta; del tipo de aldea y casa en la que viven; de su definicion sobre lo que reconocen como familia y las relaciones que entablan dentro de ellas; de su estructura politica y su funcionamiento economico y de las relaciones amorosas entre hombres y mujeres.
Educators may be enlightened about, for instance, how the Navajo's matrilineal and matrilocal tradition elevates women's position in the household and thus keeps them in the community while allowing men to leave for work outside the community.
(21) Yet, in the late twentieth-century, Six Nations, a historically matrilineal and matrilocal culture, had shifted to uphold and defend the colonial construction of identity contained in the once vilified Indian Act, touting its gendered provisions as consistent with Six Nations history, culture and social norms.
Because of the matrilocal tendency and high male mobility in traditional Thailand, mothers take more responsibility than fathers for the family's economic and social life.