matrix multiplication

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Noun1.matrix multiplication - the multiplication of matrices
matrix operation - a mathematical operation involving matrices
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The chips are designed to do matrix multiplication and convolutions, among the most common calculations done by deep learning programs.
At the recent Neuro-Inspired Computing Elements (NICE) Workshop, held at IBM Almaden, researchers not only described the use of neural computers for machine learning applications like deep learning, but also highlighted potential roles in computing tasks as conventional as solving optimization problems and matrix multiplication.
It requires simultaneous equations, a coefficient matrix, matrix inversion, and matrix multiplication to get the cost allocations.
11 sessions were delivered by experts from QU, Brunel University, Concordia University, and IBM Qatar who presented on Big data use cases, Trends in big data analytics, Current research in virtual reality, Secure cloud services: matrix multiplication revisited, Challenges in immersive video media services, and more.
It contains matrix multiplication and matrix addition, which are preferable in hardware implementation.
The computation of the matrix multiplication was also done using a software.
They should be accessible to software engineers and others who have completed one or two courses in calculus, even if their linear algebra background is limited to matrix multiplication.
By using the error bound on matrix multiplication given in equation (3.
The use of function (7) is more preferable due to its natural properties of the matrix multiplication and the possibility to use advanced CUDA technologies of parallel processing as in (Sheta et al.
The following properties can be found to hold in cases of neutrosophic fuzzy matrix multiplication
The matrix multiplication yields an Eigenvalue for each of the components and alternatives.
The ranking against indirect detects hidden variables through a matrix multiplication program applied to indirect classification.