matrix transposition

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Noun1.matrix transposition - the interchange of each row of a square matrix with the corresponding column
matrix operation - a mathematical operation involving matrices
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[A.sub..,:,k] [member of] [C.sup.IxJ] is the so-called front slice obtained by fixing the third dimension of a third-order tensor A [member of] [C.sup.IxJxK] x [A.sup.T], [A.sup.H], [A.sup.-1], [A.sup.[dagger]], [A.sub.l.], and [A.sub..m] represent matrix transposition, Hermitian transposition, matrix inverse, the Moore-Penrose pseudo inverse, the l-th row and the m-th column of A [member of] [C.sup.LxM], respectively.
First, we declare that, in the remainder of the paper, the symbols (*)*, [(*).sup.T], [(*).sup.H], and E{*} denote complex conjugation, matrix transposition, matrix complex conjugate plus transposition, and the statistical expectation, respectively.
The subscripts T and * denote matrix transposition, matrix complex conjugation and transposition, respectively.