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Verb1.matter to - be of importance or consequencematter to - be of importance or consequence; "This matters to me!"
concern, have to do with, pertain, bear on, come to, touch on, refer, relate, touch - be relevant to; "There were lots of questions referring to her talk"; "My remark pertained to your earlier comments"
fascinate, intrigue - cause to be interested or curious
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"A thing to be considered of in both is their receiving of punishments, and I am now reminded that the girl Irene (whom I take in this matter to be your mouthpiece) complains that I am not sufficiently severe with David, and do leave the chiding of him for offences against myself to her in the hope that he will love her less and me more thereby.
"Listen to us while we put a matter to you from a common-sense point of view," Mr.
For a man of Totski's wealth and standing, it would, of course, have been the simplest possible matter to take steps which would rid him at once from all annoyance; while it was obviously impossible for Nastasia Philipovna to harm him in any way, either legally or by stirring up a scandal, for, in case of the latter danger, he could so easily remove her to a sphere of safety.
"Meanwhile the hunt goes on for dark matter to reveal its nature.
When children perceive that their actions reflect on their parents, they feel that they matter to their parents.
That force could show itself in galactic collisions by acting as a source of friction when clumps of dark matter meet, potentially causing galaxies' resident dark matter to lag behind as the galaxies' stars effortlessly slide past each other.
They do this by providing fellowship, belonging, and community--arguably elements of real mattering--but also by assuring their followers that they matter to God.
Our measurements are in complete agreement with how we would expect dark matter to behave," said study leader Douglas Clowe, an associate professor of physics and astronomy at Ohio University.
But the ratio goes up in smaller cosmic structures--to the point that in dwarf galaxies, such as NGC 4163 pictured below, the ratio of dark matter to baryonic matter (stars, gas, and everything else) can exceed 100 to 1.
However, do students truly believe that they matter to others in their schools?
They suggested that mattering to others is actually essential to our sense of self(all human beings want to matter to others) and to society (as an element of social bonding).