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Noun1.mattress cover - bedclothes that provide a cover for a mattressmattress cover - bedclothes that provide a cover for a mattress
bed clothing, bedclothes, bedding - coverings that are used on a bed
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Make sure the bed has a waterproof mattress cover or pad and pillow cases.
Tumpety Tots urges parents to consider purchasing a quality crib mattress cover. They share the top 5 reasons why using a mattress pad is good for the crib mattress and for their new baby:
FDA provided a number of recommendations to prevent such occurrences, such as regularly checking medical bed mattress covers for visible signs of damage; regularly removing mattress covers to check the inside surface as well as the mattress itself; and immediately replacing any mattress cover with signs of damage or wear that could put patients at risk.
Comment: This study seems to show that a mattress cover does a good job of protecting the mattress, but does little to lessen dust mite allergy symptoms.
My wife is struggling to find a protective kingsize mattress cover that is 100 per cent cotton.
MY wife is struggling to find a protective king-size mattress cover in 100 per cent cotton.
The mattress cover's two-way stretch material stays snug against the foam insert and its water-resistant, air-permeable fabric enhances comfort.
Consider buying a mattress cover and pad, sheets, pillowcases, and comforter covers in organic cotton.
This PVC option has the added luxury of a 100 per cent cotton sleep surface and washable quilted mattress cover. And so it should at this price.