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Noun1.mattress pad - a protective pad over a mattress to protect itmattress pad - a protective pad over a mattress to protect it
pad - a flat mass of soft material used for protection, stuffing, or comfort
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Many dorm beds are hard and unless you want to sleep on top of what feels like a brick, you may want to invest in a mattress pad. Your best bet is to get it in a Twin XL as it is the standard size of beds in most colleges.
The records, which included invoices and delivery notes for a mattress, mattress pad and two pillows, listed Merhi's alleged mobile number used among his family members.
Our technique involves the use of a bed sheet, an egg crate foam mattress pad, and boot-type stirrups.
The company created its Flexotech mattress pad with the idea to turn the negative selling features of memory foam into a positive sleep experience.
* Vacuum the mattress once a month when you wash the mattress pad.
Tuck the edges of the net under your cot, mattress pad or sleeping bag.
CPSC rules provide a basis for establishing the liability of the mattress pad manufacturer: The pad was highly flammable in violation of 16 Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.A.), part 1632.
Included with the Memory Foam Ultra mattress topper is a fitted mattress pad. It's heavyweight and quilted, and made of 200-count 100% cotton with a 15-inch deep stretchable skirt to fit a mattress up to 21 inches thick.
GEORGE CATTERMOLE, CEO AND president of Boulder-based Outlast Technologies, may be sleeping a little better these days, but his Outlast mattress pad is not the only reason.
The Green Sleep Collection ( or 888-413-4442 for retailer contacts) is a grouping of organic bedding that includes mattress, foundation, mattress pad, comforter and pillow.
(One catalog listed a magnetic mattress pad for half of a queen-sized bed at $499.00!)
Building on the success of the original Contour Pillow and Contour Deluxe Mattress Pad, the supplier has added 10 items to the line - including a Contour Seat Cushion.