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1. The process of becoming mature.
2. Biology
a. The processes by which gametes are formed, including the reduction of chromosomes in a germ cell from the diploid number to the haploid number by meiosis.
b. The final differentiation processes in biological systems, such as the final ripening of a seed or the attainment of full functional capacity by a cell, a tissue, or an organ.

mat′u·ra′tion·al adj.
mat′u·ra′tive adj.
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Adj.1.maturational - relating to or involved in maturationmaturational - relating to or involved in maturation; "maturational process"
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To infer, indirectly, the somatic maturation, we used the maturational offset (Mirwald et al., 2002), that it is an estimate of the distance to which an individual is of age at which will occur the peak height velocity (PHV).
Doing this would be starting the story in medias res for the said book is but a significant culmination of a long maturational process of intellectual rigour and prescience with regard to the articulation of a constitutional path for Nigeria.
RAE and level of maturation: The favorable selection of relatively older athletes compared to relatively younger athletes is influenced by the maturational differences between them (Baker et al., 2014).
Type IIa hips have been divided into two subtypes to differentiate hips that tend to deteriorate; type IIa(+) (physiologically immature) and type IIa(-) (maturational deficit), which should be decided according to the age in weeks and the [alpha] angle (Figure 1) (7,8).
This sensitive and accurate, non-invasive method is used to detect visual functioning and maturational changes occurring within a young child's visual system.
It helps determining not only type of blasts/abnormal cells but also their maturational stage.
Therefore, the purpose of this study was to compare the total and regional BMD measurements among children and adolescents at pre-pubertal and pubertal/post-pubertal maturational stages according to sport (soccer or swimming).
(8a) I will give this one to you TO-DATIVE agent theme recipient Canonical thematic role pattern (8b) I will give you this one DOC agent recipient theme Non-canonical thematic role pattern (9a) Someone locks the door ACTIVE MONOTRANSITIVE agent theme Canonical thematic role pattern (9b) The door is locked (by someone) PASSIVE theme agent Non-canonical thematic role pattern This is in line with the Maturational Hypothesis (Borer and Wexler 1987) according to which passive structures, and any structure that triggers NP- movement, as illustrated in (10) below, are not available to a child in the early stages of acquisition; thus, they become accessible later as a result of maturation.
The maturational status of oocytes were scored as germinal vesicle (GV), metaphase I (MI), or metaphase II (MII) as described by Donahue (1968), using an optical microscope.
Level of physical activity and sexual maturation were used in the regression models as control variables because oxygen uptake is influenced by growth and body development, responding differently in the different maturational stages, and adolescents in more advanced maturational stages feature advantage in oxygen uptake when compared to adolescents in early maturational stages (28).