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1. The process of becoming mature.
2. Biology
a. The processes by which gametes are formed, including the reduction of chromosomes in a germ cell from the diploid number to the haploid number by meiosis.
b. The final differentiation processes in biological systems, such as the final ripening of a seed or the attainment of full functional capacity by a cell, a tissue, or an organ.

mat′u·ra′tion·al adj.
mat′u·ra′tive adj.


a medicinal preparation applied to an inflamed area to stimulate the process of suppuration or maturation.
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The patient with PVS should be kept on a nutritious diet to maintain the integrity and maturative potential of the oral epithelium due to its malignant potential [7].
UPJO may be considered, in most cases, as a functional obstructive condition due to maturative abnormalities, during the gestation, in the smooth muscle and/or the innervation of the pyelo-ureteral transitional segment, defective peristaltic waves and resulting in aperistaltic segment and difficulty to eject urine from the renal pelvis into the ureter.
This indicates that aggressiveness should be distinguished as a state or a capability and that the aggressive behavior should be observable objectively; i.e., it is necessary to comprehend to what point and under what circumstances the aggression is maturative and adaptive for the individual.