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 (mə-tyo͝or′, -to͝or′, -cho͝or′)
adj. ma·tur·er, ma·tur·est
a. Having reached full natural growth or development: a mature cell.
b. Having reached a desired or final condition; ripe: a mature cheese.
2. Having or showing characteristics, such as patience and prudence, considered typical of well-balanced adulthood: mature for her age.
a. Suitable or intended for adults: mature subject matter.
b. Composed of adults: a mature audience.
4. Worked out fully by the mind; considered: a mature plan of action.
5. Having reached the limit of its time; due: a mature bond.
6. No longer subject to great expansion or development. Used of an industry, market, or product.
7. Geology Having reached maximum development of form. Used of streams and landforms.
v. ma·tured, ma·tur·ing, ma·tures
1. To bring to full development; ripen.
2. To work out fully in the mind: "able to digest and mature my thoughts for my own mind only" (John Stuart Mill).
1. To evolve toward or reach full development: The child's judgment matures as she grows older.
2. To become due. Used of notes and bonds.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin mātūrus; see mā- in Indo-European roots.]

ma·ture′ly adv.
ma·ture′ness n.
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All her plans were maturing, or had already matured.
The maturing and seasonal fluctuation of the sex-instinct affords a good illustration.
During June, the Ministry of Finance will auction three-year treasury bonds (maturing in June2022) worth LE 2 billion, five-year bonds (maturing in April 2024) worth LE 1.75 billion, seven-year bonds (maturing in April 2026) for LE 1.5 billion, and ten -year bonds (maturing in May 2029) at LE 1.25 billion.
The first set of these bonds was issued at $1.750bn with a yield of 6.125% maturing on 31 January 2022, the second set of $1bn with a yield of 7.5% maturing on 31 January 2027, and the third set of $1.25bn maturing on 31 January 2047.
The maturing amount during the period under review is Rs.3416.575 billion, out of which Rs2,969.806 billion is maturing in MTB's while Rs446.769 billion is maturing in PIBs.
Early maturing varieties recommended for dry season !-- -- Louise Maureen Simeon (The Philippine Star) - December 23, 2018 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines Local farmers with insufficient water supply are urged to adopt early-maturing varieties and water-saving technologies for the coming summer harvest,the Department of Agriculture said.
The CEO of NWBio commented: "We are excited to see how the data are maturing, and we are grateful to our Scientific Advisory Board for their strong advice not to unblind the trial too early.
In the Egyptian credit space, US dollar-denominated sovereigns maturing between 2020 and 2048 posted price gains ranging between 0.25 pt and 1.63 pt week-on-week.
DCAT's ABCP and the loans it makes to dealers of Caterpillar (A/F1/Stable) equipment are match-funded so that both mature on the same day., If there is an insufficiency to pay noteholders in full when the ABCP matures, CFSC will purchase the maturing loan in the amount of such insufficiency.
The bonds consist of Series C worth P2.81 billion maturing in 2019; Series E worth P10.00 billion maturing in 2019; Series F worth P7.00 billion maturing in 2022; Series G worth P12.46 billion maturing in 2021; and Series H worth P2.54 billion maturing in 2024.
These five transches are USD500m of 1.950% senior notes maturing in 2022; USD750m of 2.500% senior notes maturing in 2023; USD1,250m of 2.950% senior notes maturing in 2027; USD750m of 4.000% senior notes maturing in 2036; and USD1,750m of 4.150% senior notes maturing in 2047