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 (mə-to͞ot′n-əl, -tyo͞ot′-, măch′o͝o-tī′nəl)
Of, relating to, or occurring in the morning; early.

[Late Latin mātūtīnālis, from Latin mātūtīnus; see matins.]

ma·tu′ti·nal·ly adv.


of, occurring in, or during the morning
[C17: from Late Latin mātūtīnālis, from Latin mātūtīnus, from Mātūta goddess of the dawn]
ˌmatuˈtinally adv


(məˈtut n l, -ˈtyut-)

pertaining to or occurring in the morning.
[1650–60; < Late Latin mātūtinālis of, belonging to the morning, early = Latin mātūtīn(us) of the morning (Mātūt(a) goddess of dawn + -inus -ine1) + -ālis -al1]
ma•tu′ti•nal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.matutinal - pertaining to or occurring in the morningmatutinal - pertaining to or occurring in the morning; "took his matutinal walk"
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He was an imposing and sombre personage, before whom the choir boys in alb and in jacket trembled, as well as the machicots*, and the brothers of Saint-Augustine and the matutinal clerks of Notre-Dame, when he passed slowly beneath the lofty arches of the choir, majestic, thoughtful, with arms folded and his head so bent upon his breast that all one saw of his face was his large, bald brow.
Is all this precious time to be lavished on the matutinal repair and beautifying of an elderly person, who never goes abroad, whom nobody ever visits, and from whom, when she shall have done her utmost, it were the best charity to turn one's eyes another way?
Ata," explained So-ta, when I questioned her as to the purpose of this matutinal rite; but that was later.
One morning in particular, he started to sneer at me over our matutinal coffee.
Could I paint a picture of Raffles with something other than my pen, it would be as I saw him that bright March morning, at his open door in the Albany, a trim, slim figure in matutinal gray, cool and gay and breezy as incarnate spring.
I, however, was sending him daily screeds, and both matutinal and nocturnal telegrams, the composition of which afforded Raffles not a little enjoyment.
Enpero han grandes coracones & son fuertes & lidiadores por la concordancia de Saturnio con la figura matutinal que es la figura oriental (2000, f.
They become, like CNN'S reporters, matutinal beachcombers, constantly sifting through the sand for something momentous washed in overnight by the tides.
Is all this precious time to be lavished on the matutinal repair and beautifying of an elderly person, who never goes abroad--whom nobody ever visits