matzoh meal

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Noun1.matzoh meal - meal made from ground matzosmatzoh meal - meal made from ground matzos  
meal - coarsely ground foodstuff; especially seeds of various cereal grasses or pulse
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Add the broth, oil and salt and beat well, then add the matzoh meal, stirring until well incorporated.
Fried chicken, but you use matzoh meal. Stuffed collard greens.
Before Passover, at what we call a "gefilte-in," friends assemble in my kitchen with their own pots, fish, carrots, eggs, and matzoh meal to make old-fashioned gefilte fish patties.
The same is true of "stuffed fish" [farshirovannaia ryba], listed in many Russian cookbooks and close to a classic Russian-Jewish gefilte fish except in its use of bread (instead of Jewish matzoh meal) and milk.
Manischewitz and Casbah add flour (and Manischewitz throws in matzoh meal), which means fewer chickpeas ...
With a good supply of matzoh meal on hand, it can be a cookbook for all seasons.