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 (mô′sə-lē′əm, -zə-)
n. pl. mau·so·le·ums or mau·so·le·a (-lē′ə)
1. A large stately tomb or a building housing such a tomb or several tombs.
2. A gloomy, usually large room or building.

[Middle English, from Latin Mausōlēum, from Greek Mausōleion, from Mausōlos, Mausolus (died c. 353 bc), Persian satrap of Caria whose tomb was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World.]

mau′so·le′an adj.
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The mausolean atmosphere in which she lives penetrates Marlow's consciousness so that he not only experiences a collapse of time akin to the Intended's, but also senses that he has stumbled onto the ground of death (or the entropic suspension of desire which may even be worse than death), which he experiences as a diluted version of Kurtz's final vision.
Entering the main doorway at the top of the monumental sweep of steps, the visitor is overwhelmed (as she is clearly meant to be) by the vaguely mausolean grandeur of the interior's marble-arched stratosphere.