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Adj.1.mauve-blue - of blue tinged with mauve
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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The flowers came when life got easier - take lavender, now a traditional favourite in what we regard as the quintessential cottage garden, the mauve-blue flowers rising in a summery haze above soft grey foliage.
I am nearly always drawn by scent and restrained charm - like the mauve-blue Heathcliff - but year after year, it is seeds of Matucana that I say I must sow.
For containers and flower beds or borders, my favourite plants are Ageratum (fluffy mauve-blue flowers on short stems), Antirrhinums (snap-dragons for children - dead head for the best performance), Begonia semperflorens (summer long masses of red, white and pink flowers), Cleome (the spider flower to give height to a display), Dianthus (choose a good one to add scent to the display), Gaillardia (for those really hot, sunny patios), Bedding Pelargoniums (sold as Geraniums - superb flower colours), Lobelia (huge variety of flower colours to act as a background to other bolder plants, Bedding Nemesia (annuals that flower their heads off), Nicotiana (scented flowers in their thousands).
PARROT Like parrots, 'Blue Parrot' (at Plant bulbs TULIP these tulips come left) has mauve-blue shoulder to in brilliant hues flowers on 18-inch shoulder in a 16- (some are striped stems.