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Adj.1.mauve-pink - of pink tinged with mauve
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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Be aware however that in June the mauve-pink flowers will attract bees, so avoid walking around barefoot.
Good varieties include 'Springwood White' and 'King George', a mauve-pink type with a long flowering season.
For colour early in the season, add Spiraea japonica 'Anthony Waterer', with its deep crimson blooms and perhaps the mauve-pink trumpets and purple green leaves of Weigela florida 'Foliis Purpureis'.
It is happy in semishade and will produce blue flowers on neutral to acid soil, or mauve-pink on alkaline.
The best known type is Thymus vulgaris, garden thyme, which produces deep mauve-pink flowers in June and July.
Good varieties include L spicata Alba, with white flowers, Floristan Violett, a purple type and Goblin, which produces mauve-pink flowers.
spicata 'Alba, with white flowers, 'Floristan Violett'', a purple type and 'Goblin'', which produces mauve-pink flowers.
Bred in Iowa, 'Carefree Beauty' makes a 6-foot rounded shrub with mauve-pink flowers in spring and fall.
Suspect STEC O157 colonies appeal' mauve-pink on TCA, while most competing background flora have blue or white colonies.
MAUVE-PINK flowers in August then violet-coloured berries against lilac tinged autumn foliage make callicarpa profusion and japonica (pictured) much sought-after shrubs, especially for the back of a deep border where they can be used as a foil for pink and purple-flowering michaelmas daisies.
Popular varieties include 'Rosea', with its mauve-pink flowers, and 'Barnsley', with pale pink flowers and a deeper pink eye.
Popular varieties include Rosea, with its mauve-pink flowers, and Barnsley, with pale pink flowers and a deeper pink eye.