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1. Excessively and objectionably sentimental. See Synonyms at sentimental.
2. Archaic Having a sickening taste.

[From Middle English mawke, maggot, variant of magot; see maggot.]

mawk′ish·ly adv.
mawk′ish·ness n.
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Adv.1.mawkishly - in a mawkish and emotional mannermawkishly - in a mawkish and emotional manner; "the violinist played that piece mawkishly"
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Yet Newbolt's own "Etonian" ideal--even if mawkishly expressed--is not too far from the stoic Conradian virtues of courage, endurance, loyalty, self-discipline, and decency--and the 2018 Journey's End concludes with a newly written scene reminiscent, in its way, of the ironic conclusion of Heart of Darkness.
The closing credits have the actresses bonding mawkishly with their real-life mothers, pushing aside all thoughts of comedy.
This tendency was particularly prevalent in the nineteenth century, when artists such as James Northcote and intellectuals such as William Hazlitt immortalized these two boys as what Moelwyn Merchant has termed "mawkishly sentimental" symbols of pathos.
Jerald's retort was a really funny spoof of Alden singing one of his signature anthems-and mawkishly breaking down, unable to finish the number due to emotional overload.
The nation's greatest hero, Marti emerges as the highest expression of a cultural imaginary both sublime in its aspirations and relentlessly, mawkishly morose in its expressions of it.
The families were written off as people who were mawkishly holding on to the past and accused of looking for someone to blame.
OK, it ends mawkishly with a candlelit procession exorcising its way to the village church, which turns into a vast cathedral as they sing Schubert's Ave Maria, but the damage has been done.
The screenwriter has other ideas, milking a few gentle laughs from the simmering tensions between protagonists, but the film trundles along most effectively as a mawkishly sentimental drama about miscommunication between the generations.
(32) Laughter, of course, is one of the important markers of humanity in the period: baboons, like other animals, were believed to be able to "mawkishly" mimic human emotion but they were not believed to be able to genuinely laugh on their own accord.
Ironically (and likely despite her intentions), she sparks interest with an anti-Romanticist approach that can be every bit as mannered as works that mawkishly celebrate the worth of a particularly close friend.
Although mawkishly sentimental, it has just about enough sugar to make it work as a PG-rated film.
Ken Moore, Rubery * PAUL Fulford's brilliant condemnation of the Christmas season did not mention the hordes of Christians singing mawkishly nauseating carols in praise of a child born to a women who had never experienced sexual intercourse.