maxillary sinus

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Noun1.maxillary sinus - one of a pair of sinuses forming a cavity in the maxillamaxillary sinus - one of a pair of sinuses forming a cavity in the maxilla
sinus - any of various air-filled cavities especially in the bones of the skull
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DCs caused by an impacted supernumerary tooth localized in the anterior maxilla account for only 5.5% of all the DC cases, and those that spread into the maxillary sinus are even more infrequent (2, 4).
The CT showed opacification of the right maxillary sinus with thickening of the maxillary sinus walls, consistent with osteitis secondary to chronic inflammation.
Bone quantity in the maxillary posterior edentulous area may be insufficient for dental implant placement due to the presence of the maxillary sinus. When teeth are extracted in the posterior maxilla, bone in that area is lost due to inferior expansion of the sinus involving the residual ridge area.
Cancers were located in the ethmoid sinus (n = 3), nasal cavity (n = 2), sphenoid sinus (n = 2), and maxillary sinus (n = 1); in our series....
An alternative to plain film radiography is B-Mode ultrasonography of the maxillary sinus which is usually readily available in primary health care units, spares ionizing radiation exposure to vital organs such as lens of eyes and gonads and is safe to use especially in pregnant women and children5.
This report presents the case of an ostio-choanal polyp originating in the maxillary sinus ostium mucosa.
Madjiar, "Maxillary sinus pneumatization following extractions: a radiographic study," International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants, vol.
According to the literature, treatments based on stem cells together with tissue-engineering technology can be efficiently used in maxillary sinus lifting.
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We present a pediatric girl case of penetrating FB injury inserted into the maxillary sinus towards nasopharynx in a suddenly braking car.